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Q) How high can you fly?

A)  UK CAA guidelines require we operate at a maximum of 400ft (120m) altitude above the pilot.

Q) How far can you fly?

A)  We are able to fly our drones 500m away from where the operator is standing, however visual line of sight must always be maintained.

Q) Can you operate at night?

A) Daniel Brown drones has obtained special permission from the CAA to operate at night,  however a slight adjustment to distances may be required (contact us for more info).

Q) Does the weather affect you?

A)  Unfortunately, weather does affect our operation.  We will not operate if it is raining due to exposed electrics and water on the lens which would ruin your shot.  Additionally, we recommend flying in no more than 11mph wind.   However, we will keep an eye on weather in the run up to your event and are flexible to re arrange.

All of these will be subject to the operators discretion at time of flight.

Q) How long can you fly?

A) Most drones average a battery life of approximately 15 minutes, however our equipment has an average flight time of 25 minutes, meaning we are able to capture much more footage within our flights.

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